harvest time

harvest time

The cranberry harvest is a time-honoured tradition for Ocean Spray®.

Each autumn, starting in mid-September and continuing until a few weeks before American Thanksgiving, the growers (many who are proudly fifth and sixth generation cranberry farmers), harvest millions of kilograms of cranberries from their farms in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin, and parts of British Columbia and Quebec.

A perennial plant, cranberries grow on long-running vines in sandy fields called "bogs" (marshes). A small portion of cranberries are "dry harvested" and sold as fresh cranberries. The majority are "wet harvested" by flooding the bogs with water - these berries are processed and used in juices and other products.

After the bogs have been flooded, machines referred to as "egg-beaters" agitate the water to loosen the cranberries from the vines. The cranberries float to the water's surface, as they contain three pockets of air. The deep reds of the floating cranberries, framed against the backdrop of the surrounding Autumn foliage and the bright blue sky, make a stunning scene indeed.

Unfortunately, the climate in Australia has not proven suitable for growing cranberries successfully in commercial quantities. So, to enjoy the spectacular sight of a cranberry harvest first-hand, and partake in the events of a cranberry festival, you will have to visit the cranberry growing regions in the United States during late September / early October - Cranberry time!

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